Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ramblings from a Recovering Flu Victim

Well, the flu bug took me out for a couple of days. I’m not back at full swing but I’m getting there. Being a one woman show, sort of puts the brakes on when you’re the only one man handling everything. Luckily I wasn’t on my death bed and was able to wander out to do minimal chores. I put Bo in with the big herd Sunday night when I started going down hill. I just had that feeling that something was wrong.
Sunday evening we got our last load of hay delivered. Hopefully this will hold us over until fall or even into the first bit of winter but I doubt it. We’ll see how things progress at the Sanctuary this week and weekend. My plans for this weekend were squashed like a big fat juicy bug.  So no go there. But that means I can maybe get the horses out on the lawn to start getting used to grass. I need to get two up to Madison pronto to graze for a little bit.  I may just haul Bo up and see if he improves. I want someone else up there but I don’t want to rush Junior.
I had planned on calling the vet right away Monday morning to make that awful appointment for Rabbit and to have that done Thursday morning but that damn flu bug changed everything. Two days out of commission from the paying job means I have to bust my butt at both the paying job and the Sanctuary to get caught back up. Rabbit is in no different pain than she has been so even a week more doesn’t mean anything. Now that the weather is nice, I can start looking at when would be the best time. I hate playing God.
I know that there’s more to share but I’m drawing a blank. I’m apparently using all of my brain power to stay upright and focused. I’m sure to write more later….after there’s more semblance of life (and minus the oncoming headache).

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