Friday, May 19, 2017

May Showers Bring Lush Pastures

The first day of May, we had a snow storm. The second Monday in May, we had 80 degree temps. All of this week it’s rained like cats and dogs with one short day of reprieve but it was still chilly. Next week we are supposed to have rain until Thursday and then the cold snap will be gone and we’ll be back into the 70s and 80s. Just when May is over.

May is always such a crazy weather month. I never realized it until now.

I didn’t realize how hard it is to schedule anything in May based on weather. I’ll remember that for future reference. I wanted to make sure that Rabbit leaves this world with sunshine on her back and a full belly of grass but it’s been a month of dreary.

But I’m not going to complain. It means moisture. Even though the bottom half of the pasture is flooded out right now, it’ll make the pasture super lush this August. I’m going to divide the pasture and keep the bottom half the pasture fenced off until August when everything starts to dry up. Now the hard part, getting everything fenced off. It’ll only be temporary as I don’t have the funds or time to put in a serious (and permanent) fence.

I have so many plans on what I want to get done and I’m afraid none of it will get done. Mike is finally back to thinking about fencing as well. The drylot fencing has always been terrible. It was cobbled together when we moved in. Cattle are notorious for ruining fencing. So we’ve been piecing it together the best we can. It’s now to the point where I’m using corral panels to keep everyone where they need to be.

The problem is, there’s a two foot concrete drop off down to the drylot where the fence is. I’ll have to take a picture to better explain. The original wood fenceposts were put in with concrete but we don’t’ have that capability and I’m not sure I want to drill holes that close to concrete. But Mike has an idea on what should work. Now it’s just finding the time, money, and energy to get it all done. Coordinating that will be tricky. Anyone want to help with any part of it? Helping fund the fencing job or coming out to help where ever needed?

I think there’s more to share but my mind is sort of realing from having to make the phone call with the vet to put Rabbit down. She’s scheduled to leave this world next Thursday, May 25th at 9am. I’m not sure how to pamper her without causing her pain but I’m going to make sure I do right by her. I want her to feel loved and leave this world not in pain. I hate this part of Sanctuary.

Even with her passing, it does not mean that there is room in the Sanctuary. I want to leave any potential available spots for later in case there is an emergency. We are really maxed out. I want to see how summer goes. I had to buy an extra load of hay so that pushed me over the top of what I was figuring. If only I had more time and more help, I could get so much more done.

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