Monday, May 15, 2017

Not So Chipper

I was able to sneak an hour in Saturday to move corral panels around and get the big herd on pasture. I have lost corral panels. They’ve been confiscated for other more important tasks but it sure is frustrating. I hate being short corral panels. That being said, I had to cut the “lawn pasture” down by quite a bit. Add to it that Mike decided to mow the lawn the previous weekend and the horses don’t really have that much to eat. I’m a bit frustrated. Everything that was supposed to be for the horses got mowed before I could get the horses on it. So now the grass is too short and the horses are going to burn the lawn down and it wont’ come back and we’ll be dealing with weeds.

It’s been a bit of a frustrating past few days. But the horses ARE out on the lawn, even if it’s only for a little while. I have to keep a hawks eye on them, otherwise they start eating the round bales that were delivered last week. Those are supposed to last us until this fall and I DON’T want them eating at them right now. Dude was using one as a scratching post. So there goes my idea that I could turn them out for awhile and turn my back on them.

With letting the horses out, I ran out of corral panels and had to dump the ponies in with the mares. No one is happy with this situation, including me. They need a new bale but I don’t want the ponies to have a free for all so I’m not sure what to do. I opened a new bale for the ponies last week so I don’t want all these bales sitting around half eaten and not being used.

Sorry, I’m frustrated and sort of at a loss. I’m sure I’m making more of it than need be. Lack of sleep makes everything more difficult.

I think Bo has heaves. Now that he’s back on pasture, he’s doing better. I had the vet leave out some Dexomethsomethingorother. It’s supposed to help with breathing. I haven’t had time to pick it up yet.

I am hauling Lace and Junior to Madison tonight. That only gives them two weeks to graze and they haven’t had time to adjust so not really happy about it but Junior desperately needs to be on grass. He hasn’t been getting his nightly grain like he needs to.

I had thought about taking Rabbit with but don’t want to turn her world upside down the last two weeks she’s going to be around. But she’ll be with two of her three herd. But I don’t know. She’d be better off in Madison eating grass but it’s a different world and I won’t get to spend any time with her.

But if I keep her at home, then I’m not sure what to do with feeding hay. This lack of corral panels and getting horses adjusted to grass is no fun. I put horses on the lawn so that I can catch them and get them to go back in. They apparently have all learned to come in for the most part but they arent’ ready to be on the pasture where I would have to track them down. I still need to divide the pasture before I put them out. I learned my lesson last year by not dividing. We divided the pasture two years ago and it worked perfectly. So I NEED to do it again this year.

I still need to spray but I think I have Mikes’ approval and support to finally get to it. I just need a half an hour each night to attack the little buggers and kill off all the weeds. Tonight would be perfect at spraying but I have to move horses instead. And of course the rest of the week it’s supposed to rain and then have the temperatures drop.

Crazy how the first Monday in May we had a snow storm, the second Monday in May we were in the 80s (and I was wrapped up in a blanket with the flu), and the third Monday is gorgeous but I’ll be on the road hauling horses around. I only wish I would have taken care of moving horses earlier.

Sorry, sort of worn out and drained as of late. Desperately need to get stuff done but cant’ seem to find the time. When I start a project, I’m met with obstacles that I cant’ get over (including raccoons growling at me). So we’ll see how this week progresses. Hopefully when I post again, I’ll be a bit more chipper.

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