Thursday, May 4, 2017

Chores and Grumpy

I hate doing chores in the dark. It apparently doesn't matter if it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, but I seem to always be doing chores in the dark. It's a little frustrating. Last night we had to put hay in. We are down to one bale so need to make arrangements to pick up another load. At this point, it doesn't matter if it's a big or little load, but we need more hay .

I had thought about putting hay in the night before and just pushing the excess out of the way to let them rummage through it but it was dark and I was ready to be done. I should have done it the night before.

It rained off and on throughout Wednesday and everything was a mess. At least Mike had time to scoop up some of the "muck" into a pile. I wish we could get it out of the drylot and onto a field but that requires phone calls and coordinating and apparently if *I* am not the one pushing for it and making phone calls, it doesn't happen. The problem is, the people I need to call, can't hear my voice very well on the phone. It's the wrong pitch and I have to scream into the phone. I'm such an introvert as it is, that even picking up the phone to make a call is exhausting, let alone screaming into the phone for a's all too much. So we'll see. I'm beginning to think we'll never get the lot cleaned out like it should. The place will simply smell like a feedlot from now on (sorry, I seem to be grumpy today).

I need to start setting up corral panels so I can get horses out on the lawn and used to the grass. I had such high hopes of getting Junior and Lace on grass so they could go to Madison for the month. I havent' done anything yet. And I can't just throw halters on and let them wander. Junior is not the wandering type. So maybe this weekend I'll be able to put some corral panels up at least so I can get Junior and Lace adjusted. Everything seems to be behind this year and taking much longer than I expected.

I think I'll go take my grumpy self offline for a bit. It's a beautiful day.

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