Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day Storm

These spring storms are almost more dangerous than early winter storms. I'd rather have a spring storm because the snow won't last but it's so much harder on all the animals.

So yesterday morning we woke to snow on the ground. I'm guessing 2-3 inches of wet, heavy snow. And oddly enough, it kept snowing but the temps were so warm that what hit the ground never lasted. The kids and I played hookie yesterday and stayed home where we could just hang out and avoid crazy drivers (even when there's only two cars on the road, the other person is crazy...speaking from experience as I almost got t-boned by a truck this morning).

I figured we'd better get out and get some fresh air right away in the morning. While we were out, we watched the heavy snow fall off the power lines and make a terrible racket. I thought we were going to lose our power lines and power pole but we didn't. I figured we'd better go play somewhere else. While I was out, I  made a couple quick videos but I can't go live and can't upload on my phone. Go figure.

But after playing in the rapidly melting snow, we went in only to discover that we didn't have electricity. Mike had sent a picture earlier that morning to show power lines down north of us. Having lived on well water, I was grateful to have rural water and not have to worry about water. It was warm enough to not have to worry about the automatic waterer. What a relief to know that everything on the Sanctuary can run without electricity when it gets this warm.

We hung out for the entire day with no power. By 7pm, we figured we'd better pull out the generator and warm up the house because we didn't figure we'd get electricity back until sometime Tuesday morning. It's nice to know that in a pinch, we can manage the Sanctuary on our own even if there are problems. If it was super cold, we would have been running the generator  to make sure the tank heaters worked on all the tanks/automatic waterer.

I left blankets on through the morning because it was off and on raining/snowing and I didn't want anyone chilled. I didn't think it was going to continue snowing as much as it did in the morning but it didn't amount to anything. When Mike got home, I went out to pull blankets as it was getting warm out and all of the snow we did have was starting to melt really fast.

By 9:30pm, the power was back on and life returned to normal. I sort of enjoyed a lazy day with no power. It meant I couldn't work on anything and I could just hang out and "be". It felt kind of nice. No pressure to get anything done or to work on some project (Sanctuary or paying job related). I think that's why I like our family weekend getaways. No responsibility except to take care of the kids. Everything else is all taken care of and I love it.

The only problem with all that relaxing is that I lost my momentum. It's so easy to slip into the same routine and not focus on my goals and progress.

When I went out to do chores this morning, I noticed the field behind was had water standing in it. There's a little creek that runs in the field and it drains into our pasture. I didn't check our pasture but I'm betting the bottom half is completely covered in water. We need to do some fencing so that the horses stay off the bottom of that pasture when we finally get them out on grass. I need to start getting them used to grass ASAP. I also need to haul Junior, and probably Lace, up to Madison and also make that awful call about Rabbit. Bo is still coughing and I'm not sure his ulcers are cured yet. I'm sort of waiting for the vet bill to decide what to do  next. I wish I could simply get him on pasture with the rest of the herd and see how he does. So much stress to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Here's to the second day of May. I hope the end of May is less "interesting" than the first part of May!

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