Friday, October 7, 2016

Winter Almost Here

Crazy weather. Doesn't Mother Nature know she has to hold off with the snow until AFTER our playday on Saturday?!

We got dumped on with rain Tuesday and Thursday saw even more rain. Luckily it wasn't as much but it was a cold rain. Of course, it didnt' start raining until a half an hour before I needed to leave to pick up the kids and run errands. Throughout running my errands, the temps kept dropping. By the time I finally got home, it was 36 degrees. I am not ready.

It was still drizzling out when I finally made my way out to do chores. Luckily the horses didn't seem all that bothered by the rain. I was afraid that they would be chilled but apparently it bothered me more than them. I threw out some hay and alfalfa to the horses and they all seemed to settle down.

I am going to move the mares and Junior tonight to get them out of the mud and back into the pasture. I still need to do some fencing but I hope that with the temptation of grass, they won't be inclined to push on the fences. I will be doing fencing on Tuesday (took the day off from the paying job).

We were even getting reports yesterday late evening of snow. I didn't see any, thank the lucky stars but it'll be here before you know it. Temps are supposed to stay in the 60s for the next little while Monday looks like the best day but once again, I'll be doing non-horse sanctuary stuff. But with taking Tuesday off (even though it'll be chilly), I can hopefully get a few things done. I may have to scrap the idea of getting horse blankets thoroughly washed and scrubbed and just deal with the mud/muck and get them water proofed and repaired. My time for washing blankets has passed.

I was going into emergency  mode last night thinking I'd have to stall horses. I need to get my Winter Mind back and get things prepared. If the weather is going to be as bad as the Farmer's Almanac says, I really need to get things rounded up and done...ASAP.

But right now my main focus is the playday tomorrow. Once that fundraiser is done, I can take a small breather and then tackle winterizing everything before the snow flies. There is too much to do so I expect I'll be taking more time off the paying job in the next few weeks. Anyone want to help?

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