Monday, October 3, 2016

Location Change for Upcoming Playday

The weatherman is calling for rain on Tuesday and again on Thursday. I know he mentioned "blustery" conditions at least once this week as well. Temps on Saturday are supposed to be low 60s so any bit of a breeze will make it chilly.

So with the threat of rain (and the accompanying wind), I decided to rent an indoor arena. It's $250 so I hope 25 people show to cover the cost of the arena. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to eat in to donations to cover arena rent.

But I didn't want to risk tearing up the Cowboy Way Church's pasture and arena for a playday. And in all of my horse activities, my goal is to keep everyone safe, no matter what. Even if that means canceling or moving events. So the safest thing to do for this upcoming playday was to move it indoors.

Anyone want to help offset the cost of the arena so that we can put the funds towards the Winter Hay Fund instead?

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