Thursday, October 6, 2016


Sometimes my intuition is spot on, other times, it totally fails me.

But last week I was scrambling. The weatherman was calling for rain on Tuesday and again on Thursday (the forecast had actually been different over the weekend but still calling for rain). What to do?! what to do?! Should I stay with the original plan and stick it out with a free arena or make the call to switch to a different arena and spend the big bucks and eat up some of the funds that we desperately need.

I'd made the decision Monday to switch over to the indoor arena and will just have to deal with the consequences of renting an arena and trying to cover the costs. We arent' yet to playday time but Tuesday made me glad I'd made those changes.

It rained.

And rained.

And rained.

It didn't just rain a little. It rained all day, a lot. By the time the clouds cleared out, we'd received 2.5 inches of rain. Yep. glad to have that indoor arena now. No worries of a muddy arena, let alone muddy parking area, etc. No matter what we do, my goal for anything horse related (be it something with the horse sanctuary or the saddle club I'm in charge of), my priority is the safety of people and horses. Everything else is secondary.

And the temps keep changing for Saturday. Hopefully it'll be nice but I'll just have to put faith into it that everything will work out.

The rain was crazy on Tuesday. I'd really wished I would have left Bo and Junior in their stalls. Junior is dropping weight again, but that's to be expected. I am going to put them into the pasture tonight and just hope that no one decides to escape. I still cant' find the break in the fence (or where they jumped over). Bo, well, Bo is just a hard keeper and without lush grass, he drops weight. I'm trying everything and I think  I see small improvements but maybe that's just me being optimistic. I'm keeping an eye on him and if need be, I'll haul him to the vet for additional work. But I think he just needs extra supplements and a heavier fat diet.

We are supposed to get more rain today. Another reason to get the mares and Junior out of that pen. It's turning into a mud pie. I am going to rearrange corral panels again and see if I can't build temporary "winter" stalls for Junior and Rabbit so I can more easily grain them with their additional supplements instead of having to halter all four horses and tie them so that everyone can eat in peace.

We have a three day weekend coming up but I only have one day free to get anything done and I think I might have already lost that day. So I'm debating on taking that Tuesday off, send everyone on their way and work on tasks that HAVE to get done before the snow flies. Blankets need to be washed (and it's supposed to be 70). I'd planned on washing blankets this summer when it was hot out but because it wasn't a priority, it never happened. But now it is a priority. And I know I wont' be able to get three outbuildings scrapped and painted but I'm going to try and get one that I see ALL the time out my kitchen window. If only I didn't have to maintain all the buildings by myself.

I'm going to be in a panic starting later today to get the final details for the playday, bake sale ready. I could desperately use the help on Saturday if anyone wants to come. Even moral support is greatly appreciated if you cant' make it.

And I have more thank yous to write about but I'll have to wait until my brain isn't focused on the playday so I can spend the right amount of time giving thanks to people.

Fall colors in the Black Hills. This was near the creek by the cabin we stay at. Love that cabin. Been going to it for years and have so many memories. And no photo altering. this was just what I could capture with my phone.

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