Monday, October 17, 2016


I would say "And this is how I spent my birthday on Saturday" but not really. I'd taken last Tuesday off to scrape the little building that used to be a grainery and now my garden house. I'd scraped three of the four sides and on the west side (the side I've half painted in the picture, I scraped as high as I could without getting an extension ladder).

I only spent two hours painting. I should have kept going beings that it was my birthday and painting was what I wanted to do. So I got almost all of the west side done, except where I couldn't reach to scrape. And just under half of the north side. I had thought maybe I could paint on Sunday before having to help with some family stuff. But the temps didn't help. And then it started to drizzle. And it's been drizzling ever since. I'm not sure if it'll dry out enough for me to finish painting or what. If it doesn't, I wont' get it finished priming until spring. I had hoped that at the very least, I could have it primed. Because that's the first building everyone sees when driving up the driveway. I know our place looks dumpy but I really am trying.

But I needed another hour to at least get the north side painted. I should have said the hell with it and kept painting.

We had originally thought we could pick up a load of hay but that fell through. We were able to get three bales to hold us over until next weekend. I'd been throwing small squares but with 16 horses, small squares go quickly. So we got three round bales in and netted and now the horses are happy. I had hoped to move the ponies to a different pen so it would be quicker to haul water but there's stuff in the way that needs a tractor (that I'm not allowed to drive...I wont' even go there on how unhappy that makes me).

I also dug out all the blankets. Unfortunately this spring, I took them off and threw them wherever. And that's exactly where they stayed until yesterday. I dug them all out and put them in front of the barn so I could take an inventory. I'm hoping the weather holds long enough for me to wash and water proof them. I had hoped to skip washing them but after pulling them out Saturday, nope, they are GROSSS. So, washing is in order. But on the bright side of all the terrible bathroom/plumbing remodeling, we did get hot water to the outside so I can wash horses and blankets with hot/warm water instead of freezing cold water. So hopefully I can do some scrubbing each not. But we'll see. The paying job has be hopping and if it's not the paying job, it's the extended family trying to get a few things wrapped up before the end of the month.

So, I'll be around, just not really in front of a computer. Anyone want to help me paint, wash blankets, or do other work around the place before the temps drop?

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