Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cranky Pants Humbled

It seems that every time I get my cranky pants on, life reminds me to get off my soap box and appreciate life. So I was grousing earlier (ok, down right venting, I'll admit it), and tonight right after picking up the kids (and wishing that I could just run away), a neighbor stopped out with his trailer and a round bale that he wouldn't need for the winter.

Yup, totally humbling.

This is the same gentleman who donated around 50 small squares of hay last month. He even volunteered to load it up, haul it to our place, and stack it wherever I wanted. Talk about humbling. And tonight, when he pulled in, I asked if he wanted help unloaded the bale. Mike wasn't around to unload it with the tractor. Nope, he said he would get it.

Yup, humbling.

So, after a few short hours of wearing my cranky pants, they are in the wash to wear on a different day. Instead I now think about how grateful I am.

Always when I'm down in the dumps someone surprises me and lifts my spirits (more on that tomorrow).

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