Thursday, October 20, 2016


This is yet another non-horse related post. I apparently am feeling philosophical lately. I think it's the nip in the air and thinking about life in general that has me in this mood lately. So, I'll warn you to read at your own risk.


I am always amazed at how resilient animals and kids are. I think of some of the predicaments that these kids and animals are in and I know I wouldn't handle the situation very well. Again, this is totally off topic but something that's bothering me.

I was at daycare picking up my kids when one of the teachers asked why one of the kids had two backpacks (one for school (in the same class as my son) and one to go to a parent's house). I know nothing more, nor do I want to. But I realized how resilient these kids are. So tiny and about the same age as my oldest and yet juggling something that even adults can't always handle.

Then I think of the animals. They too are resilient. Taken out of their home and given away because of circumstances that are out of their control. Yet they perceiver. I wish there'd be a study on perseverance or something like that. How can some animals (thinking Bo) be put into such terrible conditions and yet love people. He's just this happy go lucky guy even though he was near death. He doesn't hold a grudge against anyone (unless you're carrying a needle or a dewormer). Maybe he was just born a happy-go-lucky horse, I don't know.

But we should all take a page from their book. Life will go on and to look on the bright side of life. I've been down in the dumps lately, riding my pity train. I need to get off that pity train at the next station and start enjoying life. As I sit here (at home because my paying job lets me work from home one day a week), I'm looking out the window and seeing the beautiful colors. Yellows and greens and browns. It's an amazing canvas of color today even with gray clouds hanging over us. I used to think we never had much for fall colors. I apparently never paid much attention to my surroundings. I love fall. I just wish winter would be ...well, not winter.

So I don't think this post had really any point to it...other than to remind myself that the life I have is pretty darn good, even if I'm wearing my crabby pants. As life hands me challenges and obstacles, I too will persevere and continue on, making those experiences a part of me to make myself better.


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