Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Crazy Past Few Days

I've been so busy the last few days I haven't had time to post anything. Here's life in a nutshell...some horse related, some not.

Last week I was prepping for our annual playday. I didn't host a playday last year because I was on maternity leave and my brain wasn't there. So having not had a playday in two years, I was scrambling to find everything that I needed again.

On Saturday, we held the playday. It was a success. People were so generous. I am humbled. I'll write more about it in another post.

On Sunday, I'd agreed to help my sister pack for her move across town but hubby wanted to do one final camping adventure. So I spent Sunday morning scrambling to pack and make sure everyone was fed and watered for me being gone overnight. By 1pm I was a packing machine and didn't stop packing until 9pm.

I had Monday off so that was part of the reason we went camping. Hubby, the kids, and I all hung out and relaxed, enjoying the final day of nice weather. I was itching to be home but wanted to enjoy the time too.

I took Tuesday off from the paying job and worked as frantically as I could. I'd originally taken the day off so I could wash and repair  blankets. But I have come to the conclusion that I will not get blankets washed. Instead, I'll be happy to dust off the dirt/grim and get them waterproofed and repaired  before the cold season is upon us. But when I woke up Tuesday, it was misting out so no waterproofing. I was disappointed but there was plenty to work on. Instead I focused on getting electric up in the mares' pasture. It's the same pasture that Bo and Junior some how escaped. I don't have all the electric up because I ran out of electric wire...go figure. I didn't have everything we needed but I made do with what I had.

I had to take a break from fencing when I realized I didn't have everything and would need to come up with a plan to make it work (which I did). So I tackled scraping the garden house. It's the first or second building you see driving up the driveway. The barn is the other building you see driving up the driveway but it's too big of a project for me to tackle so late in the season. So instead I worked on the garden house. I was able to scrape the north, south, and all but five boards on the west side. I'll leave the east for another time when I know I'll have enough time to get it scrapped and painted. I'll be pushing to get the three sides painted as it is.

I also  moved the mares' water tank over and got it ready for winter, basically I put it up on a pallet and put boards around it to keep the wind off the tank. I figure any little bit helps. I also started moving corral panels so that I can move ponies to their winter pen (which is slightly closer and much more protected). I also made up Junior's winter stall for graining. He needs to be separated during grain time so he gets all the grain and supplements. I was able to put together his pen. I'm trying to figure out how to put up another pen so that I can run Rabbit in to another pen so she can eat without being disturbed (and I don't have to halter the mares).

I still need to move corral panels around and get temporary stalls in the hay shed. I am planning on picking up a load of hay this Saturday if anyone wants to join me. I've been throwing small squares and I need to use them for emergencies and whenever I stall someone in the barn because I no longer have large squares to work with.

I still have a bunch of other work besides painting but could really use the help. I'm hoping this Saturday after hauling hay to put primer on the garden house. Even if I don't get a good coat of paint, a good coat of primer will hold until spring. I'm desperate. Anyone want to get a little painted?

I'll write more later but wanted to give you a rundown of the past four days in a nutshell.

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