Monday, February 22, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday on a Monday?

We are trying to do a new feature about the Sanctuary, "Wishlist Wednesday". It's something new to see if we can drum up any business and get a few of our small ticket items taken care of by your generous donations. We are keeping these items small because, well, lets face it, money is tight for everyone and everything is expensive.

But these little items help around the Sanctuary and the little things add up after awhile and they really do make a huge difference in our lives. I was thinking about what I could add to our wish list. One that we posted awhile back were tires for our hay wagon and wheel barrow. The darn things go flat once a year. We've solved that problem (sort of) by filling them with fill-a-flat. It gets at least another year out of them. Just filling the tires with air doesn't work. We've tried. In fact, we've tried any number of solutions that don't work. Those tires only last a year.

While I was thinking of my list of wishes for the Sanctuary and the Sanctuary horses, I was struggling at first. Then the ideas started coming. It's amazing how the little items that we use on a day-to-day basis really do make a huge difference in our lives. Like those tires. I use the wheelbarrow, twice a day, every day for six months out of the year for sure and then once a day for the other six months out of the year. It gets a workout. Those tires are desperately needed.

So, I'm going to continue with our Wishlist Wednesday and see how it goes. Just know, it'll never be anything super expensive that we list. Some will be constants like grain and such but others may catch you by surprise. So, keep checking back every Wednesday to see what is on our wish list. We may just surprise you.

PS, if anyone wants to get us some of those tires, they are at TSC for $10 when they are on sale! The wheelbarrow has two flat tires right now (do you know what it's like to push a wheelbarrow with TWO flat tires? It's a workout!)

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