Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Crazy Busy

Holy super crazy busy Batman. I haven't been near a computer in almost a week. I'll just do a quick brain dump so you can see what all we've been doing in the past week or more.

My daughter came down with RSV. She just had her six month birthday (hard to believe), but being the paranoid parent that I am (thanks to the health scares we've had with our son), I've been focusing almost all of my time on my daughter to make sure we don't have to spend any time in the hospital.

So between snuggling with a sick daughter and caring for the horses, I was able to throw together everything we needed for the fundraiser. Total success as far as I'm concerned. We lite almost 50 luminaries in honor or remembrance of people and animals. We also lite another 30 for the Sanctuary horses (both current and past). I'll have to write more and post pictures. I've been meaning to post and tag pictures since Friday night and have been too exhausted every night to do it.

We didn't have any snow for the fundraiser. I was a little bummed (and worried) but it worked out. But wouldn't you know, three days later and we get snow, and lots of it. Reports are coming in that it's about 3-4 inches but there's snow up and over my ankles so I'd say that's more like a solid 4 inches. And to think, it was only supposed to be 1-2 inches. Boy were they wrong. I didn't even know we were supposed to GET snow. Too bad we didn't have snow for the fundraiser but it worked out all the way around. We also got rain Sunday  morning which made me hustle to pick up all the luminaries Saturday night.

And that snow. Boy did it come down in a hurry. I went out just after 3pm yesterday to put stuff away and start chores. I came out of the barn maybe a half an hour later and there was already accumulation on the ground. Of course, I'd played musical pens and moved horses around thinking that we wouldn't get any more snow and that I needed to pull horses off the pastures so they wouldn't tear it up. And what happens, we get enough snow that I could have left them there. But feeding round bales, I knew the mares and Junior wouldn't get through a bale fast enough before I needed to pull them. But it does cause problems. They are in the back pen without a heater on their water. Mike filled the water trough but he used the smaller one so I can't even get away with not hauling water every day (and using hoses is out until it warms up...which will be at the end of the week).

There's a ton more that I want to say but think I'll post this and come back and rehash more of what's been going on in more detail. But wanted to let everyone know that the fundraiser was a success. We got some beautiful pictures (with just my phone) and I can't wait to share them. Fundraisers are stressful but are very helpful. We raised more than enough to cover the cost of grain for the month of March!

But, I'll be back with more ramblings from the Sanctuary!

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