Friday, March 4, 2016

Throwback Thursday

I thought this went out yesterday, but apparently my internet didn't like the here's Throwback Thursday on a Friday


This week's Throwback Thursday is from a few years back (because I'm on a computer that doesn't have all my pictures...sigh).

This picture was taken the first day of the Memorial Weekend. We typically "release the herd" Memorial Weekend and let them enjoy the big pasture.

Because we have grown in numbers and because of overgrazing and drought, we now have to divide the pasture to help with grass growth and to ensure we don't over graze again.

The pasture is a huge undertaking and we need some help in maintaining it. We are looking at putting in a permanent fence to divide the pasture and we need to redo the original fencing because it has barbed wire and it started to show its age. We also need help in fertilizing and spraying to keep the weeds (i.e., thistles) to a minimum. The battle with thistles is an ongoing task and probably will always be a battle. But any help is greatly appreciated. So if you have experience in any of these or have funds to help us with our fencing project, let me know!

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