Friday, March 4, 2016

Cabin Fever

Yesterday I worked from home (at the paying job), and I watched the snow melt away. It was sort of neat to see. I'd look up from my computer every once in awhile and notice the amount of snow disappearing. So the six inches of snow we got Monday night will most likely be gone by the middle of the weekend.

I need to pull blankets tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. I heard that we are supposed to be in the 50s at some point. But Sunday brings wind and I thought at some point there's a chance for rain. So I don't really know what the weather is going to do. It's that time of year when we ride the roller coast of weather.

I got fed up and switched water tanks last night. When I switched the mares and Junior to the back pen, I'd wanted to put the big water tank with them but I petered out and  made Mike do water for me. He petered out too and used a much smaller water tank (he totally cheated!) We've had below freezing temps and the horses drink a ton of water (something I didn't realize when I wasn't hauling water as far away...well, I knew it but it didn't register at the time). But after realizing that they were drinking almost an entire small water tank full of water in a day, I opted to go with the big 100 gallon tank. Hopefully the weather will warm up enough for me to use hoses every couple of days instead of hauling buckets of water. I seem to have lost my "bucket" arms and am too lazy to carry bucket after bucket back there. I think I got spoiled. I'm also hoping it doesn't freeze because where the tank is now, the tank heater doesn't reach. Ah the dilemmas of the Sanctuary.

Mike has training almost all of next week so I'm going to be scrambling to get all my chores done next week and juggle keeping the kids occupied and out of trouble. :-) Luckily I was able to push off jury duty for a month. I'm thinking April will be a much slower month (at least that's my hope).

I thought there was more to share but I'm drawing a blank. My daughter had RSV last week and now it seems to have spread throughout the entire house. Luckily I haven't caught it too bad but there's been very little time to do anything but snuggle with kiddos. Horses get their grain, but no scratches or chat time with me. I know they are getting bored. Maverick came up to me last night to remind me that he needs some of my attention too.

I locked them out of the big pasture now that most of the snow is gone. I don't want them tearing up the pasture so now they are stuck in the drylot and are bored out of their mind. I found the jolly ball and tied it to the gate in hopes that Maverick and a couple of the others might play with it. We'll see. I  might have to get something else to keep them occupied. I'm not sure a toy will be of any interest, but maybe some treats that they have to work for. This is the time of year that even the horses start getting cabin fever.

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