Monday, March 7, 2016

Freak Out Time

I'm sort of going into panic mode. Lots to do and so little time to get it all done. We've been granted some amazing opportunities and I'm working on those to get things polished up before I present them to you (mostly in case I screw something up and fall flat on my face, I'd rather not eat too much crow).

The weather has been gorgeous. Cn I repeat that?! It's been GORGEOUS! Chores are SO  much easier when I don't have to put on 10 layers of clothes just to go and do chores and worry about freezing myself into my coveralls.

The horses are enjoying the warmer temperatures. I keep seeing them stretched out on the ground, sound asleep. Just yesterday, I saw Chaos and Ivan curled up sleeping next to the barn. Of course I had to go and pester Chaos. He has that personality that you can pick on him and he doesn't care. Now Ivan, not so much. Just a gentle pat and scratch on the head and that's it. Whereas Chaos, I could pick his nose, and give him a great big hug and practically fall all over him while he's lying down.

But with the warmer temperatures comes the mud. Luckily the mud isn't so soupy that you get sucked into it but you do have to be careful. I had drill team practice last night and I decided I'd better not park the trailer where I normally do. Otherwise, we'd be getting the tractor out to pull the truck out of the mud. I don't like tearing up the yard. It makes hauling hay more difficult.

And speaking of hauling hay, Mike is going on travel starting tomorrow and I'll be home alone with two little kids trying to juggle all my chores. Luckily the warmer weather helps everything. But I'll be looking at getting things moved around so I can do a shortened version of chores. The problem is, the two two-wheeled wheelbarrows both have flat tires. One has one flat tire and the other has two flat tires. Loading the wheelbarrows up with hay on flat tires is almost an effort in futility. Well, not really but its' a struggle. I already have to body slam the wheelbarrows to get them through the door of the hay shed. And now that I think about it, that explains why the door is somewhat broken (oops!). I didn't realize until now that me shoving the wheelbarrow full of hay through a door that's not quite the size of a big square is probably what broke the door frame (if you want to call it a door frame...more like wood thrown together to look like a door frame but really it's not).  But I digress. I'll have to get everything ready to take care of everyone tonight so I can do shortened chores the rest of this week.

The big herd attacked one bale and didn't touch another bale. Not sure why one is more tastey than another. I need to figure out if we need to put in another bale before this weekend or not. I won't have time this weekend to do anything but shortened chores. Friday and Saturday my drill team (Dakota Thunder Mounted Drill Team) is performing at the Tri-State Horse Expo. That means it'll be later than normal when I finally get home to do chores. Come on out to watch. I'll be writing the white arab! ;-)

So, if you don't see me the rest of this week, it's because I'm scrambling to keep my head above water while Mike is out. I'm also trying to finish up (ok, actually start) a few of my projects that need to be done so I can mention my projects. :-) Nothing big. Just something fun.  Until then..  I'll be freaking out.

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