Thursday, March 24, 2016


Last night I crashed. Apparently, I was way  more tired than I expected. Of course, the two naps I took yesterday must have been part of the sign too.

I've been going strong for the past month what with the Light the Night fundraiser last month, prepping for the Tri-State Horse Expo, getting in the final practices for our drill team to perform at the Tri-State Horse Expo, caring for all 16 horses during this weird spring weather (which really isn't weird, it's typical South Dakota weather...which IS unpredictable), and dealing with sick kids (we did avoid the hospital but just barely).

Every night I have high hopes of getting a few things done that have been on my ToDo list for months and I just can't seem to muster the energy. I should be excited to get them done. But by 9pm, I'm so wiped out that I can't even think straight.

I do plan on letting the dust settle a little around the place and get back into the swing of things before we tackle the next big adventure. I'd really like to look at doing another fundraiser. Help-A-Horse is next month but that's out of the question. I'd rather not fly by the seat of my pants like I have been on fundraising ideas. Marketing/advertising is not my strong suite but I'm learning that I need more than just a few days prep time to get everything together. :-)

So, I have no big grand ideas at the moment. I have a few little ideas but I'm not sure that any of them would be of any interest to people. I'm not yet ready to share any of them because they may be silly. I mentioned one idea to someone and they weren't all that keen on the idea so I'm not sure I want to run with it, although **I** think it would be fun (and not all that much work for me!)

So, does anyone have any fundraiser ideas (big or little)? Maybe we could incorporate them into some of what's been rambling around in my head. I do need a little bit of a break but only long enough to let the dust settle (or more like let the snow melt).

My goal is to finish up a few of the items that I've been meaning to do for the past couple of weeks. They should be exciting to do but I need to muster the energy. Maybe tonight I'll have more energy, especially after getting eight hours of sleep!!

Dude, King, Brego, and Ivan in the pasture this fall. I tried dividing the fence (as seen in the picture) but King kept blowing through it.

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