Thursday, February 18, 2016

Luminaries - Light the Night

Imagine the luminary is lit. The wind today is uncooperative to light anything, let alone an itty bitty candle. I'll have a better lighter for next Friday and Saturday's fundraiser!

But I wanted to post pictures of what the luminaries look like. The luminaries can be personalized and will be distinguishes between the three categories by different colored ribbon.

Mayhem was modeling for me. I tried to bribe the other two with grain and left my yellow bucket out there (you can see it in one of the pictures). :-)

I didn't do a good job advertising, but we are getting a few luminaries coming in. All proceeds will go to feed the horses, specifically it'll go to purchase grain. It costs us about $150 to feed to two hard keepers Junior and Bo (but it'll also go to feed Rabbit since she just gets a small scoop for her vitamin E supplement).

Every dollar accounts. It's amazing how fast $5 adds up to help at the Sanctuary.

If you'd like to donate $5 and have a luminary lit for a loved one, go to and tell me who you'd like to honor or remember. We'll also have an aerial photo (if the wind cooperates).

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