Monday, February 22, 2016

One Day Too Late

Ugh. That'll teach me. I'd put blankets on some of the hard keepers when the wind and rain picked up the other day. Then we got warmer temps but every time I went out to pull the blankets, it was either drizzly, raining, or just down right crappy (i.e., windy as all get out). So even though the temps started to get warm, I hesitated to pull blankets. I should not have hesitated.

I was one day too late. Jim destroyed his blanket. The leg straps don't all work on the blankets these days. I need to redo the leg straps on a number of blankets. Well, Jim's was one that needed a new clasp so he was going without a leg strap. I walked out the other day and he was standing there with his blanket wrapped around his belly and chest. I think I melted the snow right around my feet I was so mad. I have no right to be mad. It was my fault. But still. It was one of two blankets that didn't need any major fixing (other than a clasp for the leg strap). It didn't have any tears or holes. It was not in pristine condition, but it was in good condition. Now, I don't know. I saw stuffing and inside lining lying on the ground. I was so disgusted with him (and me), that I pulled his blanket and simply threw it over the fence to deal with it later.

I am ready for spring. We did see robins, and the geese are flying. So spring may be around the corner. But it's only mid to end of February so I'm not ready for spring just yet. Spring this early could possibly mean drought later on and my pocket book and emotions aren't ready yet for another drought so soon following the last one that almost wiped us out.

So I'm excited to see green but would rather wait another couple of weeks before spring would really get here. I'd hoped for snow for our fundraiser and that is not going to happen. So now I'm going to have to figure out how to keep the luminaries upright and looking nice out in the pasture.

But with the hint of spring comes locking the big herd into the drylot and not letting them out onto the pasture. I don't want them tearing it up. But I accidently popped the gate off the hinges (and went flying onto the gate) so now we have to fix the gate before I can lock them out of the pasture. And it also  means that I need to move the mares and Junior out of their pasture once they are done with the bale. But the only available pen is the smaller drylot and it'll be a muddy mess soon. I'm not ready for mud. And I got spoiled not having to haul water so far away but it looks like I'll be hauling at least 10 gallons every day back to the smaller drylot once I move them back there. At least it wasn't all winter that they were back there. Oh for an automatic waterer in that pen!

And because or hay guy decided that he wouldn't deliver our hay all at once, we are coordinating with him whenever we run out. Well, we put the last two bales in the big herd last week. It's been a muddy mess at our place except right away in the morning. And the hay is sitting out in the field so we have to coordinate times when the ground is still frozen that we won't tear up the pasture and our yard. At this point, I'd sacrifice our yard to make sure we get our hay. I'm still struggling with figuring out how to pay for this year's hay but that's for another day I suppose. For now, I'll worry about getting the load of hay from the field to our place before we run out.

Oh the stresses of Sanctuary life.

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