Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Light The Night

I'm starting to worry that our Light The Night fundraiser is going to be a big bust. I advertised but I'm guessing I did it in all the wrong places. I'm no marketer. I struggle with putting us out there. I'm the doer. Give me a task, and I'll work on it. But to market, advertise, and throw us out into the world, yeah, I cant' seem to do a very good job of it.

At any rate, we'll have luminaries for the Sanctuary horses and a couple of others. I should have been planning for months on this event instead of weeks...or more like days. There's just too much bouncing around in my head to get anything organized officially for a fundraiser.

I need help. I need volunteers. I need a marketing person. I need the Sanctuary to be more than just me. Right now, it's turned into a part time gig and it needs to be a full time gig. And the feeding and watering is all that I seem to be able to accomplish in the few hours I have each day. There's no time to accomplish anything more.

Very frustrating and a little bit down hearted about this. I guess practice makes perfect and I need to get my feet wet and figure this stuff out. Sooner rather than later apparently.

Anyone want to be my marketing person? I have the ideas, just not the marketing skills. I have the drive and the hard headedness to stick through with an idea but I need the advertising skills of someone who knows how to market to the correct group of people.

Some days I think it would be easier to simply close our doors. But I never will. Right now it's cracked open. Can't bring anyone in until we have some sponsors but it's hard to watch as the world goes by like a speeding bullet while I'm sitting here going a snails pace trying to keep my head above water.

Alright, done with my pity party. Back to work.

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