Thursday, February 4, 2016

Blizzard, Blankets, and Blustering Winds

It's been awhile since I posted pictures of the herd. All the pictures I have on this computer are old. My phone doesn't like the cold and I forget to take the camera out (and when I do, I don't download the pictures anyway). So here's a few pictures of some of the horses. I couldn't get everyone because my phone started to freeze and the light was starting to wane. I was so happy to be able to get out to do chores in the about a happy dance during my chores!!

Brego wearing a blanket donated by Gentle Spirits Horses Rescue. I'm still debating on who gets which blanket. Need to make a few repairs but oh so worth having good blankets. And Brego said he doesn't care if he wears pink (although the rest of the herd made fun of him). I'd put blankets on Monday night before the blizzard hit Tuesday.

An unflattering pictures of Junior (my phone wasn't cooperating). I'd really wanted to get a picture of Junior pawing his grain bucket. We desperately need over the fence grain buckets to feed Junior and a couple of the others who insist on pawing and flipping their grain dishes over. Junior is maintaining his weight really well. I'm pleased with his weight maintenance this winter.

I moved Lace and the ponies Monday night into the pen closer to the house. The pen they were in gets the brunt of any wind from any direction (except the west and that's only a portion of the pen). I worried that the smaller pen would cause some problems but I think Lace prefers to torment the ponies rather than actually attack them. She chases them like they are vicious wolves. I'm not sure if she's still angry at the world, or if that's just the personality she normally had. I'm starting to worry about what I'll do with  her this summer. She may get put into the big herd so there's more room for her to roam and I don't have to worry about her harassing Junior or Rabbit. As you can see in the picture, Lace is up from and the ponies are hiding in the back. It's difficult to get a picture of Lace because she's so people friendly. She loves people and hates horses (but wants to keep them in her sights). I think she's really just a bossy mare.

I stalled Rabbit and Mayhem (and Junior) during the blizzard. I don't trust Rabbit not to tear apart yet another blanket while she's in this pasture. There's trees enough for her to rip blankets and I can't afford to buy more blankets right now. I  need to get the ones repaired first before we go buying brand new blankets for her to shred. Rabbit is still lame but I need to get her back on her vitamin E supplement. I can't seem to find the one at TSC that was suggested to me. I may contact the vet and see if he can't order me some vitamin E supplement until I can find a better fix. She's dead lame again and I think it's really wearing on her. But every time I do give her a massage, Rabbit seems much more relaxed. Anyone want to donate funds towards a massage or know how to do a massage, or even just want to come out and groom her? I think a good grooming might be a good start to working the soreness out of her. She seems like a totally different horse to me these days.

When I let Mayhem out of the barn after the blizzard, she raced around the pasture. I think she was trying to get Junior to race around too but he only switched into a trot, not a full out gallop. I forget that Mayhem is only 6 years old. I have always had her with older horses and that behavior sometimes rubs off on the younger ones. Mayhem has never been with anyone else her own age. She's always been the young wiper snapper playing by herself because she's surrounded by an older generation commiserating about their aches and pains.

But we survived the blizzard with no problems. I stalled Junior, Rabbit, and Mayhem the first night and added Bo the second night. I also put blankets on the hard keepers before the snow flew. The temps were ok but once the horses get wet, it's a never ending battle to get them warm again. I'll probably play musical pens and move Lace and the ponies back to the bigger pen. We'll need to put in round bales again either Friday night or Saturday morning. We also need to make another run to pick up more bales. I wish we would have gotten all our bales at one time but beggars can't be choosers. Even more, I'd prefer that the hay was paid for. We need to do some serious fundraising to pay for this year's winter hay. I have some ideas but struggling to find time. Anyone want to help? You don't even have to be in SD to help!

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