Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fundraiser Teaser

The last few days have been a bit busy, although I can't say for sure that I got anything accomplished or what I was even working on! That's the joys of being spread so thin in a bunch of different areas. I did know that it would be a late night Tuesday night in getting chores done so I threw some alfalfa to appease those stuck in the barn.

I didn't judge how fast the mares and Junior would go through their bale. I'd hoped it would wait until the weekend but that didn't happen. I am still having a hard time figuring out how fast/slow they go through a round bale. So last night after the kids went to bed, I went out and haltered horses so that Mike could put in a round bale.

There's something about doing chores at 9pm in the winter that is totally different than doing chores at 9pm in the summer (meaning, it sucks). Luckily there wasn't any wind and the night was fairly calm. I do like going out when it's quiet and just listening to my surroundings and watching the stars. It's one advantage of where we are at.

But I do have to grumble about those hay nets. Why in the world must they insist on making them out of black material?!?! I am constantly putting hay nets on big bales in the dark. Do you know how hard it is to man handle a hay net alone, and then add insult to injury by having to do it in the dark?! I have to climb all over the hay ring and some times climb up on the bale to get those darn hay nets on. There's usually a few curse words involved. I don't care what color the company uses (but maybe not white) but any other color than black so that when I'm muddling around in the dark, my life is a little easier.

I do have to admit that the days are getting longer and the chores are getting a little easier, only because I'm not trying to figure out how to do everything by moonlight or flashlight. It's still a struggle to get out there before it gets dark but it's getting easier at least. I know daylight savings time will be here in no time and then I'll be doing chores in the light (insert happy dance). But while daylight savings time means more daylight, it does make it a bit interesting with little ones. But we'll manage.

I am on the final stages of finishing our upcoming fundraiser! Yes, that's right. We are doing a fundraiser. I'll post more but want to give a little teaser. I'd wanted to do it sooner but I guess latet is better than never.

And we are in full swing with the "Where's Skippy" game. Not too many playing so a little disappointed but I guess I haven't advertised that much so maybe I'll have to get off my tuckus and do something about that too.

Anyone want to help advertise for the upcoming fundraiser? I'd really like to spread the word far and wide. And the best part, anyone from around the world can participate!!! I'll leave you with that bid of detail to get you to come back later to read about the fundraiser!

Thinking spring (that and I don't have any new pictures on this computer)

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