Thursday, February 4, 2016

Friends Day

Today is National Friends Day. We have a lot of friendships at the Sanctuary. Not everyone has a "bestie" but pretty close.

Mayhem thinks she's best friends with Junior (but still wants to be close to Rabbit).

Tommy and Skippy are joined at the hip.

Bo and Zeke are best friends.

Wherever Ivan goes, Brego follows and vice versa.

Chaos is Dude's shadow (not sure if they are really best friends but rather Chaos knows that Dude is in charge and Chaos is practicing to be in charge some day).

Maverick is best friends with Jim (which is a weird friendship). And before when I was throwing hay, Jim would be best friends with King during eating time...I have no idea how that worked.

Rain is not quite best friends with Chaos but they hang out a lot.

Lace doesn't have a bestie yet but she likes to pick on the ponies.

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