Friday, February 19, 2016

Wind and Water

The last few days have been beautiful. When I say beautiful, it's beautiful for South Dakota in the spring. 40 and 50 degree weather and the snow is melting like crazy. In fact a friend posted a video of all the snow melting and causing a huge river in their horse pens.

There's a bonus to all the warmer weather. The snow is melting. I'm guessing that by the time we are back into normal temps again (20-30 degree weather) that we won't have any snow left. Which is good because otherwise we'd be on a sheet of ice. I hate ice.  This morning Mike was getting ready for work and was pushed by the wind while standing on ice. We was pushed three feet.

The wind this morning was horrific. 40mph wind and gusts even worse. It rattled everything and started blowing all kinds of stuff around the Sanctuary. I'd left a bucket out in the pasture and figured it was blown away. Nope, apparently it was in a little hollow. Now the kids' playhouse blew half way across the hard. That poor little while went through a tornado but sort of blew part and the winds we had today made it topple over again.

The only downside to all the warm weather and the melting snow is that the barn is starting to flood. Usually it floods a little and then the temps cool down and everything sort of disappears and we go through that cycle a few times, unless we get a massive meltdown and then the barn is flooded. Not flooded with inches of standing water but enough to know that the floor isn't dry so don't set anything down.

Sorry, my brain is in "squirrel" mode. I was going to have a really well written post but instead I'm all over the place. I'm hoping to have some exciting news to tell you all soon but I don't want to jinx it yet so we'll just leave it at that. I'm still slowly working on our fundraiser and puttering along with stuff here and there. Anyone want to help? Even moral support to bounce ideas off of would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my head and I need to be able to talk with someone.

Here's to hoping that the wind dies down, the barn doesn't flood, and if the temps do drop back down, that we don't have a skating rink at the Sanctuary.

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