Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weather Scenarios

So we are in lovely warm temps right now and starting tomorrow we are going into a snow storm.

Mike just sent me an email from his work with three different scenarios for how much snow we are going to get:

Best Scenario = 7 inches
Most Likely Scenario = 13 inches
Worst Case Scenario = 18 inches

They were saying worst case probably wont' happen but I think they are required to predict it. On top of the snow, we'll also have wind, which is normal for South Dakota. But it'll be 40-45mph wind. Oh goodie!

I'm not really sure what to do. They aren't talking temps, they are just talking about the amount of snow. But if the temps drop, and the horses get wet, then we are in trouble. So I'm going to have to watch the radar like a hawk the next 24 hours to decide what to do. Some of the blankets are too heavy. I may be stalling some and finding sheets or lightweight blankets for those that I cant' risk getting wet and chilled.

At least the temps wont' plummet too drastically...talking 60 degree swing or anything. But it's going to be enough to be a wake up call for some (including me). I'm sure glad we put hay in Monday so that we are primed and ready for whatever weather comes our way.

Only in South Dakota can you have 60 degree weather one day, snow, and then a 40 degree shift in temps...all with the sun shining and the snow falling from the sky.

It does make life interesting.

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