Tuesday, February 28, 2017


As a mom, when you're child is not feeling well, you worry. It's the same with horses. I'm worried about Bo. I have been noticing lately that he's off. He still powers through his grain and I know he's getting time at the bale but he's still off.

I think I know the reason.

He lost his best friend. Not entirely but Zeke is now friends with Lightening and Lightening is not overly friendly to everyone else. He's still figuring out his pecking order but he's much higher than I would have assumed.

But because Lightening chose Zeke, Bo is out. Those two hate each other. But because Bo is on the outs, he's depressed. It used to be Zeke and Bo and they were inseparable. Now, not so much.

Bo was looking half way decent with his nightly grain ration and weight supplement but he seems to be losing weight. He was doing pretty well until recently. What changed? Lightening.

So I'm going to have to figure out what to do to boost Bo's moral. His depression is getting worse. I guess I'll be spending some quality time with Bo and see if that helps any. He's starting to shed out like crazy so maybe a good grooming will help with his moral. It's always so difficult to know what to do when one of the horses gets depressed.

For now, I'll do some extra pampering on Bo and see if that helps any. If not, I'll have to figure something out because I hate watching one of my "kids" be depressed.

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