Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Musings

Another quiet weekend at the Sanctuary. We put hay in for the big herd Saturday afternoon. Even though the temps are warmer, the horses are still polishing off the hay pretty quick. This load of hay has a bit more alfalfa so the horses are going through it much faster. I was looking  at the herd last night and was a little shocked. I saw Zeke from the back end and he looked pregnant. Retirement has really done him  well! I'll have to get a picture of him from that view. He reminded  me of my old Arab that always looked pregnant when you looked at him from the back end. He had such a small frame that any weight made him look fat. I'm glad to have fat horses.

Even  Junior is looking fantastic. He's always been and always will be a hard keeper. I've learned to take him up to Madison in the spring and fall to get the best grasses before the summer grasses set in and before winter sets in. But the grain ration that he is getting seems to be dong the trick. He actually has a round  butt! I love seeing that round butt rather than the narrower butt that he's had ever since he came "home" to us. I'll have to post some pictures so you can see how fat he is. Anyone  want to sponsor him? Who doesn't want to make a horse happy!?

I have been negligent in a few areas...mostly answering email and doing paperwork. We've been pretty busy doing non Sanctuary activities. I'm hoping to sit down this week and take care of all that paperwork and answering emails. There's only so many hours in the day.

And as everyone else talks about the super bowl, we worked on the house, which will help eliminate some of the stresses I've been dealing with for the past few (six to nine) months.  With all the improvements in the house, life will get least I hope so. Progress is slow but stead and slow is better than nothing at all.

Skippy is preparing for his February travels soon. We still need to decide a winner. Hopefully we can do that this week. I had such high hopes of finding out the winner right away but life seems to get away from me these days.

I also want to discuss with you, my reader, about two of our horses. But that'll be for a later post. Not sure if it'll be a post today or sometime this week but it's something I have been wanting to discuss but needed to talk it over with my Board of Directors first. Nothing bad. In fact, it's a good thing but a little odd to discuss. At least for me personally.

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