Monday, February 27, 2017

The Blizzard That Wasn't

The blizzard that was so hyped up about, fizzled out. I’m glad that the weathermen broadcasted as much and made it known but there’s going to be paybacks on that one (at least for the paying job). The blizzard was supposed to hit about 6pm Thursday night and it really did hit. I’d put some blankets on earlier in the day but ran out of time. When I went out to do chores that evening, the winds had picked up and the snow was driving and painful.

I’m still a few blankets short and some of the ones we used are starting to show their wear and tear. We’ve gotten a few over the past years that have helped offset the cost of blankets and its’ greatly appreciated. I love throwing Brego’s blanket on. It’s fun to turn him into a zebra when the weather gets bad!

I had contemplated putting horses into the barn but figured with a round bale with alfalfa in it would suffice. But when I went out later in the evening to check (yes, I was that worried), I threw a couple of alfalfa bales to make them happy. I don’t like having grumpy horses. A grumpy horse equals a grumpy me.

But as Friday started, the winds were still terrible but the snow had stopped. The horses didn’t seem any worse for wear. I probably should have pulled blankets but its’ a crap shoot on when and some mornings I only have a few minutes and I hate pulling blankets when there’s still a chill in the air.

I had heard rumblings about more snow this week but I haven’t really paid much attention to the weather after the “blizzard” hit. I’ve been trying to get a few things wrapped up in the house that will make life easier in the long run for the summer months. Oh what I would give for a maid or even a bigger house so I could stuff some of this junk into a couple of rooms and forget about it. My house constantly looks like a toy factory blew up. We have toys (and books) everywhere. But anyone with small kids will understand the paroles of toys. Luckily we haven’t hit the Lego stage … yet.

I was hoping that everyone was getting over strep throat and influenza a. What little lasting side effects I have are almost gone but now my youngest seems to be off. It’s weird how you just know that something is wrong…both with kids and horses. I guess that’s the joys you experience when living and working with them day in and day out.

I’m hoping for a quiet week to get back on track and get refocused. I’m struggling but hope that with the longer days, I can maybe get something (ANYTHING) accomplished at this point.

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