Wednesday, February 1, 2017

11th Hour

I seem to get everything accomplished at the 11th hour.  It's aggravating and frustrating to say the least. I used to be so prepared and plan everything that needs to be accomplished.   Now...not so much. Now I wing almost everything.

I wouldn't even call it procrastination. Rather, I think  it's called kids.

I am struggling to get ANYTHING  done these days. I know that life will get easier and all thing will change but I seem to be doing anything at the 11th hour, waiting until the very last minute to get everything done, which of course adds WAY more stress.

I still have four house projects that need to get done. Some of them started way back in March. No matter what, I have to have them done before summer starts.  Mike is going to start on his project sometime this spring and it'll mean nights and weekends.  So whatever DOES get done around the Sanctuary will be me doing it and it'll be me doing it after the kids go to bed at the end of the day, hopefully with a little bit of light left to get it accomplished.

I seem to be short on words today. But the idea of getting everything done at the 11th hour seems to be the new me these days. I am so far behind I'm not sure I'll even get my fundraiser up and running before it's too late. I should have been planning for months and now I'm not sure I can even do it. There's a few more fundraiser ideas I want to do but I need to focus on them and haven't had time. And if I want to do them, I should have already been planning for, MONTHS ago!

So, I'll wing it like any good procrastinator and see what comes of it.

Anyone want to help me so I'm not doing everything at the very last minute?

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