Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Ramblings

I've been down for almost a week now with influenza a. It's slowed progress on everything. The worst part is that my oldest caught influenza a (along with strep throat), so our house is a germ fest party.

It's absolutely gorgeous out and I dont have any energy to do much. So much to do and yet, I dont' even know where to begin any more. Start small I know but I have all these projects that require others to help...and at this point, I'm making sure the help is staying away.

So Im not sure how long I'll be quiet around here. The horses are enjoying the warm weather. I just kicked them out to the pasture so Mike coudl get in with the tractor and scrape the drylot and get it cleaned up before it starts to rain or snow or temps drop. 

I need to move the mares and Junior but it's only mid-February. But they are starting to tear up the pasture, which is where they will go this spring/fall. I guess we'll be reseeding it but it hurts my feeligns to see it get torns up. But the alternative is to put the in the muddy pen and with Rabbit's shoulder, it's not an option. She may end up going in with the ponies when we do switch them over to the pen. 

I was not ready for this warm weather. I want to start on projects but it's mid-Feruary and we still have at least two months of winter to go. So I guess we'll see how far I get...if anywhere. Trying to take it easy so I'm not out of commission longer.

All my fundraising ideas got put on hold when the kiddos started getting sick. It's been a month of sickness at our house. Hopefully I can get something put together soon. Money goes out faster than it comes in...but that's the case for everyone I'm afraid.

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