Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Joining Forces

I am feeling a little disappointed right now. I shouldn't because I have so many people watching out for us, and thinking about us. But some days what I see simply takes the wind right out of my sails.

I understand that there is only so much money in the world; only so much time people can dedicate to certain activities; there is only so much. Being a mom of two small kids, running a Sanctuary single handedly and caring for all 17 horses, working a full time job to cover the costs of said Sanctuary, running a saddle club, and participating in a drill team, I get that there is only so much. And yet, I am dumbstruck by people not coming together instead of trying  to stick it out on their own. Lord knows I have tried. We are a greater force, if we band together and yet, unless it is their way, it is impossible.

I realize that some  things are an impossibility. I am the sole caretaker of the Sanctuary horses so not everything is as easy as others presume. It's always easy looking from the outside in. I am always interested in hearing how I can make the Sanctuary better. Positive critiques are always welcome. But I dont' understand why as a horse industry, we don't band together and become a bigger voice.

I know South Dakota is a pro-slaughter state but there are people like me, like the Sanctuary that want to respect our old horses, want to save horses from slaughter. I just wish that we could join forces and be a gigantic force rather than trying to go it alone.

Up to a point,  I am willing to share my information. The point where I stop sharing my information is when the asker becomes an abuser of my information and wants only my information and isn't willing to return the favor.

Sanctuary and rescue work is a tricky business. Sanctuary even more because there is no major rescues, there is no major push to "save" them from the slaughter pipeline. The heartstrings aren't as strong.

I guess I'm just a bit grumpy today for reasons I won't least not on the blog. Lets hope I get over this funk and let what's bothering me go. You cannot change people.

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