Thursday, February 23, 2017

Switching to a Blizzard Warning

I'm not sure if it feels like a storm is coming because I KNOW there's a storm coming or if there really is something in the air. I'm guessing it's because I know. I hoped online right away this morning and sure enough, the Blizzard Watch switched to a Blizzard Warning. Umm, that's pretty quick changes in just 12 hours.

I'm working from home at the paying job, the one perk of the paying job anyway. It's a scheduled work from home type of day so I may be taking my lunch break to scramble around and do some of my chores before the snows start to fly. I didn't blanket anyone last night because it was just too darn warm out. I'm sure by noon the temps will drop and I'll be busting my butt to get some of the hard keepers blanketed and prepped for the upcoming snow. Hopefully it doesn't start snowing before then.

At least we had some beautiful weather before the snows started falling. I did hear a rumor that there's another storm on the back burner to hit us early next week. Too bad we need yet another load of hay. I was afraid that when we picked up the load last month, that it wouldnt' be enough. Nope, it only goes one month. 11 bales just dont' go nearly as far as I wish they would...and they are the big bales too. Such is the life. Now if only those bales were paid for.

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