Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I was sicker than a dog last night so did minimal chores and headed back in to sleep off whatever bug I caught. The horses were rather disgruntled with me. I'm anxious to get them out on grass so they can be happy horses again. If I do it right, I'll have left over hay and hay has been on my mind. I've talked with a few people and they all say the same thing. The pastures aren't coming up as fast and I don't want to over graze what little pasture we do have. So I normally put them on the pasture for 12 hours but I  may have to cut that down. Let them out at 6am just before I head for work and then put them back in right when I get home (although that's 5pm so not really cutting down on hours). But we'll see how that goes. I hope we can get some sunshine and heat along with the rains we've finally gotten. I'm not up for a drought or dealing with sky high prices for hay this year.

I also made some calls and think I found an excavator to do some work at our place. Three years ago we had a fire and the chicken coop burned down. I'm still mad as a hornet over it and I'm even madder that it's taken this long to take care of it but with all the health issues we had and then paying for the health issues, we are just to the point of getting our head above water. Now I'm ready to tackle these projects that have been sitting for three years. It's a wait and see game right now to see if we get a call back. But I'm hoping we do. Then we'll have a place to permanently park the trailers instead of moving them around and killing off the grass.

I also called the farrier so hopefully if the weather holds this weekends, we'll have a farrier day. I'm behind on trimming as well as a few other horse activities. I need to get back into the swing of things but I'm struggling. I'm afraid I'm hitting the beginning stages of the last phase of pregnancy and I'm just exhausted. I'm sure my mood today is a mix of still feeling sick from whatever bug I caught yesterday and being overly exhausted in general. A good night sleep will cure almost anything.

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