Tuesday, May 12, 2015

April Sales Report

So the South Dakota Horse Sale, which was held April 18th has their sales report. I typically read and reread the sales report for the loose horses. I did find a few interesting points in their little blurb about loose horses. Prices are higher for loose horses "Yearling Feeders sold $100 and older thing horses $385".

"Stallions are unable to be shipped to plants per rules and regulations and USDA transportation rule require separate compartments in stallion travel. Stallions sell $75 to $150."

I find that statement interesting because I haven't heard any news about that bit of info. I've been watching the Auction Horse Forum, and they are now taking pictures and documenting some of the horses at the Texas/Mexico border but I never did see any stallions.

I also find it interesting that they are willing to pay almost $400 for older thin horses. Oh what I would give to offer them permanent retirement instead of being shipped to slaughter. Breaks my heart to pieces.

I believe the next sale is June 13th. I know I wont' go but I would love to, even if all I could do was sit on my hands and watch. The local auctions around here are disappearing, except for the one that has been in business for years. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't have any money to pull a deserving horse and with having to turn away free horses that need retirement, best to not be near any auctions. I'm just feeling helpless as of late.

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