Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kaufman County Feedlot

Do you recognize any of these horses?

They are all located at the Kaufman County feedlot. It's the same feedlot I've been posting all the other feedlot horses from. It's the feedlot on the Texas/Mexico border. The gals involved in getting pictures and documenting are doing a fantastic job.

So many souls, ending life in such a terrible manner. I'll keep posting as long as they keep posting. If there's a chance that you're horse ends up here, it's better to know and possibly get them out of the hell they've been enduring and the painful death.

If only we could do our part here in South Dakota to keep the waves of horses from hitting the Canadian and Mexico border.  Unfortunately, most of the horses in our neck of the woods will end up at the Canadian border and there's no one documenting any of those horses. On I know there are feedlots in Colorado but I am unaware of any feedlots right on the border of Canada. I'm still too ignorant on that bit of information.

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