Friday, May 15, 2015


The last two nights I've let Junior and Bo eat a little extra to hopefully pack on the pounds that they've dropped over the past month or so. I know why they dropped the weight and now it's a matter of getting it back on. Luckily we are going into summer so it'll be easier to get that weight back on instead of looking at trying to put weight on going into the winter.

So that means that I haven't been going out to let them back into their pens until 10pm. As hard as it is to drag my butt off the couch at 10pm when all I want to do is fall sound asleep for the next few hours, I pull on my boots and head outside. These past two nights have really revitalized me. No wind, clear skies, curious horses. One word to describe it.....


It's amazing how content the horses are when they have a round bale at their convenience. Unfortunately I'm going to have to start throwing hay sooner than expected. They ate one entire bale but the bale with the cinch net on is still partially there. Now the bullies are eating and pushing out the others. Always something I suppose. We'll be going with round bale this coming winter so I need to save up and buy another cinch net so there's no issue on which bale to devour.

But the last two nights have been relaxing. The horses have been curious and I think might actually miss me?!? I doubt it but it's nice to think anyway.

I still don't have the horses out on the lawn yet but that's my goal for the weekend. Usually I have the horses out on the lawn by the first of May but somehow I've lost track of May. And next weekend is Memorial Weekend and that's usually when I let them out onto the big pasture. Not going to happen this year. Actually, I've been stalling for two reasons...1) I lost track of time and 2) the grass hasn't really grown as quickly as I like either out in the pasture or on the lawn. So I want to make sure that the grass lasts as long as possible. Knowing that I'll be having a baby in September, I NEED to make sure that all pastures can sustain the horses through until I recover at least slightly from having the baby. It's all stuff running around in my head that I need to get figured out. I'll be dividing the big pasture soon (maybe this weekend?!? hahah ) and then rotate the herd.

So much to do and so little time to get it all done.

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