Friday, May 1, 2015

Other Ways to Help

I was also asked (during my freak out  moment) what are other ways for people to help.

I know that some don't have the funds to help sponsor a horse. And what we are proposing for sponsorship is for FEED ONLY. If someone wants to sponsor a horse completely for a year, including feed, vet, farrier, other maintenance, I'd be more than happy to discuss that. But for now, our biggest expense is feed. (have to start somewhere right?)

But there are other ways to help if you don't have the funds.  We usually have two fundraisers a year. I opted to not have our Easter fundraiser this spring and I can't figure out how to swing our annual fall playday (I'll have a one month old by that time and I'm not sure I'll have my brain back to plan for a playday with a few week old). So what we need are people to plan and hold fundraisers. We had a gracious offer for a fundraiser from one of our guardian angels but I can't figure out how to make it work without having a fundraiser at the same time. I have a ton of ideas but can't seem to get anything set into motion (mostly because of baby brain). If others have ideas on how to help, I'd love to hear them and support them. I'm just not able to be of much help. I'm hoping that by October I'll have my brain back but I'll also have a one month old at that time so who knows.  But if you have an idea, and want to run with it, you have my blessing.

And the other thing I need... moral support. We are all in this for a reason. I'm no different than you.  People tell me they don't know how I do it. Simple. Someone has to, why not me/why not you. See a need, fill a need. Set into motion one little action and see how big that little ripple can get. I am but one person. You are but one person, but together we can accomplish anything. The moral support is very helpful. I know some can't offer funds, can't offer in-kind donations, but can offer moral support. And that sometimes, is exactly what I need to keep moving forward.

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