Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Calling BS

So it seems I'm calling BS on people these days. Awhile back I was on a website for a major horse auction and they boasted that stallions were not being sold to slaughter and if they were, there were strict regulations about how they were transported.

I've been following a feedlot page, Auction Horse Forum, and they post stallions all the time. There's stallions both in the Washington feedlot and in the Texas holding lot before they are shipped to slaughter in Mexico. You can't tell me that those stallions are being separated from the rest of the herd by a stud wall in a trailer. They are being loaded into semi trailers with the rest of the horses.

So I call BS on the pro-slaughter propaganda to try and make people think that it's only the old and crippled horses headed to slaughter. Most of the horses on the Auction Horse Forum are at their prime age and have some education. Best to do your research before you start chirping like a bird and repeating BS.

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