Monday, May 11, 2015

Blizzards, Tornados, and Flooding Oh My

We've had some interesting weather over the last 24 hours. Luckily the Sanctuary wasn't hit hard with anything other than some much needed rain. We are on the east side of the state and Mike and Dad are on the west side of the state dealing with snow.

I didn't even hear about the tornado until hours after it hit. Storms, no matter the season, scary me. All too unpredictable and you never know what type of weather will come out of it.

I got a picture from Mike yesterday. There's so much snow that their truck is pushing snow with the bumper. That's a lot of snow! We've had about an inch of rain but I can't say 100%  the exact amount. But enough to make a difference (I hope).

The tornado that touched down in Delmont reminded me that it hasn't even been a year since the Sanctuary barely missed an EF2 tornado last June. We missed it by a half a mile. That's too close for me! And for those that say, they'll run to the basement when they see it, the tornado that barely missed us, was rain wrapped and impossible to see.

I'll be paying as close attention to weather during the summer months as I do during the winter months.

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