Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Terrible Realization

I had a terrible realization yesterday. It hit me right smack in the face. And it was a huge blow that made me step back and in fact brought me to tears.

We are a Sanctuary for the old and the infirm. Everyone is growing older and there is no way to stop the inevitable. You can prolong it but you can't stop it.

The last horse we lost was Babe in September 2013. That was three and a half years ago. That's a long time to go with no stress of making that final decision.

I realized yesterday that Rabbit's time with us is not going to be as long as I'd hoped. We'll see what the vet says but in reality if we can get the lameness issue resolved, she wont' be with us for very many more years anyway. That thought smacked me across the face...hard.

I am afraid we are going to experience a wave of goodbyes.

I hadn't noticed it...well that's a lie. I did notice but turned a blind eye.

Dude is in slight pain. I may start him on buteless as well. But his hips are bothering him. I had hoped with the trims that he would be feeling better. He's not. He's still showing his discomfort. This type of weather always causes him and mud are no good for a horse with bad hips. But I realized that he too will have a shortened lifespan because of those hips. Another blow that hit me hard.

Then I looked at Lace. She's been off the last two or three days but that's because of her knee. She slips and slides in this mud so I am guessing she did something to her large knee. The farrier looked at her knee and said part of it is hard and part there is fluid on the knee. I'm guessing the fluid is from dealing with the  mud but I can only guess. But she was really sore after the trim... I'm sure she'll be fine tomorrow. She even did her own personal stretches during the trim session so I know she knows all about stretching. I may have to start her on stretches too. But that knee is going to take Lace out as well.

For the first time ever, we'll be dealing with physical ailments instead of old age and not keeping weight on. That's going to be even tougher on me. It's easier to see the weight loss and know when the time is to say goodbye but these ailments that cause pain is even worse to deal with.

But I hate the pain.

I have been keeping a watchful eye on Junior and Jim (29 and 30 respectively). They are both doing fantastic. Junior is actually at the right weight but how long will he last... same goes for Jim. His teeth are in exceptional shape so it wont be the teeth that take him out.

Oh the joys of caring for senior horses. So stressful.

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