Friday, March 10, 2017

Another Load of Hay

We are getting another load of hay. I've been meaning to get another load of hay for two weeks. So wouldn't you know, it's going to snow and we NEED the hay. We put in hay this past weekend and it'll last for just over a week. The last remaining bale needs to be for the ponies when they run out in another two weeks (or more).

Our hay guy is my uncle so it's easier to work out deals. And what a deal we have this time. Usually we run up and borrow his truck and already loaded with hay trailer and head home to unload. Because there's the snow coming, he's going to load it all up and meet us after we get done from our paying jobs! What a deal! Good thing the kids and I made cupcakes. I always try to feed those that help us with the Sanctuary!

Now to figure out how to pay for the hay. We used a different hay guy in the past and we'd have to wait until the next year to pay. I thought it was going to be different this year but not the case. So that means I'm "buying" hay without knowing the price. So what we've already used up, I haven't paid for yet. It's a bit of a burr under my saddle type of topic. It's NOT the way I want to do business but for now, that's the way it'll be. But that also means, I am still raising funds to cover the cost of hay.

I had hoped that we would only need four loads of hay. There's 11 bales a load and that would total us with 44 bales. In the past, that would have worked. But these bales are WAY better (and the horses can prove it by their big fat bellies). So we are going to have to get a fifth load to make sure we can get through until the pastures are ready...that also doesn't mean we'll have many (if any) for this summer. So we'll be looking at 55 round bales from this past season and another 7 from the year before when I bought them last fall and used them. 62 bales total is my count but we aren't there.

But we need funds to help cover the cost. Otherwise, it'll come out of my paycheck. I don't know what we are going to pay. We pay by the ton. But even if we could get $5, that would be great. $5 buys a small square. So even if we could get a few $5 bills come our way, that would buy a few meals for the horses. Every penny counts!

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