Monday, March 27, 2017

Pictures Coming!

Hopefully you'll be seeing new and more pictures on the Sanctuary's Facebook page (if not the blog). I'm trying hard to be more organized with pictures but we'll see how long that lasts. I had hoped that with a new phone, I'd be able to post more. I was wrong. Well, I can but I apparently take a lot of pictures. And when I say a lot... I mean... from mid May to mid October, I took 6,000 pictures. And I would have taken a ton more but my card filled up. It took a bit to get everything transferred over and there's a few weeks where I didn't take pictures. I had terrible issues in getting everything transferred over. And of course, my phone doesn't work outside when it's cold so no winter pics.

I'm sure you're asking, well why don't you pull out the camera? Good question. Basically, it comes down to me being lazy. Batteries were dead, it's typically not easy to get to, and uploading pictures isn't nearly as easy as it is on my phone (as long as I don't overload it with pictures and then I can't upload to the Sanctuary page).

It's all a bit of a catch 22 for me (all stemming from not being motivated). I am trying to get motivated so we'll see.

I feel bad because we've had Lace now for over a year and I don't have any decent pictures of her. I'm sure you're all thinking I'm full of horse poopy and making her up. Well, she DOES exist! I promise. :-) She's such a doll. So glad we have her. Better pictures coming...someday.

Pic taken last night!! She's fat and sassy (Dude in the background trying to get in on what's going on. He thinks he's in charge around here)

I'm working on a very fast approaching fundraiser that will be here in less than a month. I'll share more details later but figured I'd blab a little today in hopes that my headache would go away while blabbling.

Bo is still off his grain but I think it has more to do with taste than not wanting to eat. I restarted him on uniprim and he doesn't like the taste of it or the weight booster. But he's still coughing so I want to make sure that he kicks this cold. He doesn't look nearly as bad now but I think that all had to do with him shedding out his winter coat. He had one heck of a coat. It's almost like he had two coats. The first one he just lost, which made him look terrible (downright sick) and this second one which isnt' too bad...makes him look like the rest of the horses. And to think, he even had a blanket on for most of winter! So my last card I'm going to play is watering his grain down and turning it into a mash to tempt him into licking his dish clean. We'll see how that works.

Rabbit is still lame, and will be forever. I had hoped that maybe with the softer ground, she'd improve. I just can't figure out when to make that call. I'm simply dreading the decision. I will be struggling with that for a little while longer.

So not too much to report but hopefully there will be more pictures. Mostly horse pictures with general day-to-day status but I have a couple that will either make you laugh at me or cringe. Either way, it'll make for a good story (someday)!

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