Monday, March 6, 2017

Adventures with the Tractor

I lost last week. I’m not sure how but I did. I had stuff that needed to get done but nothing got done. I’m not sure where the week went. Sleepless nights and exhausting days took its toll I guess. The joys of being a parent…getting to see every hour of a day simply because someone doesn’t want to sleep.
Hopefully this week I can get back into the swing of things.
We had to put hay in. I’d wanted to do it Saturday but we had family stuff going on. It was cool enough out that the ground was hard enough to get the tractor in. But we didn’t take advantage of it. Sunday morning we again at family plans and that left us scrambling to put hay in Sunday night. Don’t worry, they still had hay, they just didn’t like it. I’d been throwing hay to the mares and Junior but the big herd had hay. Although they seem to be very picky about what they want. In fact, with a lack of a full round bales chalked full of alfalfa, they decided to head out to the pasture yesterday morning.
By the time we put in hay last night, it was 9pm. With it being so warm, I’d asked Mike to also scrape up the lot so it would be easier going (something we couldn’t have done Saturday or Sunday morning). So I guess my procrastination pays off.
But as I was getting the kids ready for bed, Mike came in and had that look about it. Something was wrong. I figured the horses had broken the gate and they were loose or someone was loose. Nope.
While putting the hay ring on the hay bale, the ring somehow flipped over and landed on the tractor. Thank god for the cab on the tractor! Otherwise Mike could have been seriously injured. He took one picture of his predicament but wont’ sent it to me (so I could share). Remember, this is all in the dark after 9pm when I saw what had happened. And in the meantime Mike had done something so it didn’t look nearly as scare. Of course, everything in the dark looks scary, especially if it just happened.
So we were able to get  the hay ring unstuck from the tractor and on to the bale. Got everything wrapped up and in for the night. And people wonder why I don’t do more riding or other stuff for the Sanctuary. From the time I sent everyone up for family stuff, that I missed out on. I had a half an hour of down time. And that was waiting time really, where I should have been doing more housework. So being up from 6:30am until 10:30pm running like the devil is at my heels. That’s every day. Little do people know that life is a lot more complicated than I let on some days.
But here’s to a fresh new week and warmer temperatures, which will make everyone (including me) much happier. Hopefully we don’t have any more “adventures” this week either. I don’t need Mike coming in and giving me “the look”.

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