Tuesday, March 7, 2017

40 Degree Shift

What crazy weather. I was grumbling Sunday night about the wind but I’m sure glad we put hay in Sunday night instead of Monday!
I don’t remember which way the wind was blowing but it brought in gorgeous temps! When I left work early to head for my daughter’s doctor’s appointment, the temp was 72 degrees. Can you believe it? 72 degrees in March… and the first part of March non-the-less. When I got to the clinic I’d left my window open but had to close it because the wind was so strong it was blowing rocks at me.
A little over an hour later, we walked out of the clinic to a 20 degree drop in temperature and rain. Cold rain at that! I guess it’s a good thing that I had my window open only a crack instead of all the way down! But as I drove home, the temps continued to drop. I’m not sure what the temps dropped to but it definitely wasn’t 70 degree weather any more!
I didn’t get out to do chores until late but at least I was able to do them in the light. I’m not looking forward to daylight savings time and getting up an hour earlier. (My daughter has taken to not sleeping through the night lately). But it will be nice to actually SEE the horses before and after work instead of by the light of my flashlight, barn light, or yard light. Life is so much easier when I don’t have to do chores in the dark.
In one of my many moments awake during the night, I noticed it snowed. It didn’t register until this morning when I was out doing chores and scrambling to get ready for the paying job. Snow! Snow isn’t uncommon in March. It’s silly to NOT think we’ll get snow.
But to get snow less than 12 hours after we had 70+ degree weather is crazy and mind boggling. It’s also pretty hard on the horses. A 40 degree swift in temperature and then include rain/snow is tough.  Add to it that we now have a wind chill and yesterday we had a heat index (not sure how that works with a heat index in March).
I didn’t get a chance to check everyone over thoroughly this morning to make sure no one was feeling under the weather. I always worry that this type of weather will cause someone to colic. But my parents are coming down and if someone looks like they are uncomfortable, they’ll be sure to tell me.
Because of my daughter’s doctor’s appointment, I didn’t get anything done, other than chores. Two years ago I bought a computer for the Sanctuary but being in a pregnant haze, I didn’t’ do anything with it. Now, two years later, Mike is finally messing with it to get it to the right operating system and getting Office installed. What a pain in the butt. I wish I would have just fought through the haze to get it done so I could have been using it all along. The old computer is on its last legs. I hadn’t realized it had been so ago that I bought it. Time really does fly by. I blame it on the sleep depravation.

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