Monday, March 13, 2017

Eight Years of Blogging and Daylight Savings Time

Every daylight savings time is a bit of a “year in review” for me as that’s is when I started this blog. So much has happened in the past eight years it’s crazy to even think about. We’ve lost friends and gained new friends. We’ve lost supporters and gained new supporters. We’ve had the privilege of caring for amazing horses and had the heartache of saying goodbye. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We’ve been doing rescue/Sanctuary work for almost 12 years now. I wish I would have gotten off my lazy butt so much sooner so that we could have been a non-profit in the days when I had more time to do research and look for grants. Now, there’s very little time but I’ll take it when I can. I need to start optimizing my time but I’m not sure how.

I sometimes wonder if this blog is really needed but then I look back at years past and I’m glad that I blabbed about the day-to-day activities. It’s all very mundane at times but it’s nice to keep those records none the less. I just can’t believe that it’s been eight years.

For your enjoyment, here’s the first installment of this blog. Oh how time flies.




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