Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday

Junior grazing last fall

Our Wishlist Wednesday request is for volunteers to help us rebuild the roof of the run in shed for the horses. A few years back we missed a tornado by a half mile but that tornado did damage around the place. We didn't properly secure the roof down with hurricane straps (we don't have hurricanes in South Dakota so why do we need them). Well, we need hurricane straps for tornados.

The tornado just ripped the roof off and flipped it over. But it was too heavy to just lift back up so we dismantled the roof and took an inventory of what we need to rebuy. For the most part everything is in tack and all we'll have to do is add a board here and there for additional support.

Even if you arent' good with a hammer, we could still use volunteers for moral support and as gophers....go for this, go for that. :-) We just need a little push to actually get it done.

The horses used to stand in the run in shed but without a roof, they only hang out in it when there's a strong wind, and even then, they prefer to cram into the run in shed off the barn. If we had a roof,
I know Brego and Ivan would hang out in the other run in shed instead.

So, who's up for a little bit of fresh air and physical work?

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