Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hauling Horses

I made a quick run up to Madison and dropped Lace and Junior off to enjoy their summer vacation. I had a bit of empty nest feeling though when I drove away. Both of them are really good people horses. But I was feeling a bit blue last night too and was really missing Queen.

Junior told me the  night before that he thought I should be around more. And then what do I do, take him to Madison where he won't see me for about three weeks. But hopefully he'll gain a bit more weight on that lush pasture.

Lace was definitely hauled in her younger years. I took the stock trailer because I was running out of time and daylight. When I went to take her out, she decided she would back out. How awesome is that?!!? She's 21ish years old and she still refuses to turn around. She's definitely been someone's horse. I need to do some investigating to find out her history... not that it really matters but it's fun to find out.

I wish I could have taken Bo because he's not gaining weight like I'd hoped. I was planning on taking Brego but he was already out in the pasture and it was after 9pm when I finally left the Sanctuary. By the time I finally got home, trailer unhooked, and truck parked it was 11:30pm. But Lace and Junior had already settled in to their new summer pasture. I don't think they picked their heads up after we put them in their pen.

They will only be in Madison for three weeks and then I'll pick them up around the first of August. I don't want to over graze the Madison pasture. It only holds two horses for a month but it's good, lush pasture so it'll help Junior out this fall and either Lace or Brego. Lace is turning into a hard keeper as well. I have no idea how they ever thought she could have another baby when she's a bit on the ribby side for just being on pasture.. I can't imagine what a baby would do to her. So we'll see what three weeks does for her and if she perks up, we'll take her back to Madison this fall for a final hurrah to get more weight before winter....

winter... I shouldn't even be thinking about it yet.

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