Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Generous Donation

The person asking us to take in the 23-24 year old mare is still waiting for a response. I haven't made up my mind. We are short on funds for last year's hay, and we are going with a different hay provider this year who won't jerk us around and make us wait until the following year to pay. But that puts us into a bind. I'm a year behind in paying so this year I  have to pay for last year's hay (which I finally got a price on..yes I know it's stupid) and I have to pay for this year's hay.

I could have gone with someone else a long time ago but because we have senior horses that are hard to keep weight on, we make sure that we have dairy quality hay. You might ask the difference between dairy quality hay and regular hay...dairy quality hay has to be weed free and could pretty much be certified if our hay supplier wanted to go the extra step. Certified hay is way  more expensive. It's not ditch hay. It keeps the weight on so we don't have to worry as much about supplementing with grains.

So I'm strapped for funds and debating on what we want to do for fundraisers. I have ideas but need help. Desperately need help.

But as I was stressing and grumbling to myself on the way home about our predicament (don't worry, we'll make it work just not sure how), I opened my mailbox and what should I find, but an envelope from one of our supporters. I LOVE getting mail from Lori H. She has this distinctive notion of when I really need a pick me up. This winter she sent us a gift card to Tractor Supply. Thank You  Lori for that gift certificate. I have been hording it because I can't make up my mind on what we need the most. I'm like a kid in a candy store...well, really I'm like a girl in a tack I'm really a Sanctuary worker with a gift card to TSC!!!  But what do I see when I open Lori's letter, a check to help with the mare that desperately needs a soft place to land and call home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Does anyone else want to help this mare? We would need to buy her winter's worth of hay which would probably be around $750 but then we'd really need to ensure she has a sponsor. If she could be sponsored monthly for $50, I'd take her in even though it wouldn't cover the entire cost of hay alone. We are gearing up for "that season" when people want to get rid of anything that isn't "useable". And I'm sure this person will have more that they want to dump before the first snowflake flies.

So three requests:

Does anyone want to sponsor this mare (or any other Sanctuary horse) monthly, yearly, etc.? Even just a little helps offset.

Does anyone want to contribute to her winter's worth of hay so we can bring her in and figure out how to fund her?

Does anyone want to help with fundraiser ideas for this year so we can get some of this year's hay paid for?

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