Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sponsor a new Horse

We were asked to take in two horses. Unfortunately one doesn't fit our criteria but the other one does. She's a 23-24 year old paso fino mare who is now pasture sound only. I don't know anything more about her but she's coming from a youth camp so I'm sure she's done her fair share of riding (and probably making babies).

I'd love to offer her a home but I'm tapped out financially. I'm struggling to figure out how to pay for last year's hay, let alone this year's hay.

If we were to bring her in, she'd need a sponsor. I'd like to put her sponsorship at $100 a month but I know that's a bit too steep for some. If we could do $50 a month, I'd be inclined to take her in. We also need to ensure she has hay for this winter. We'll need 7-8 round bales of hay. Hay is going to cost us $70 a bale this year. We are going with a different hay supplier so know up front the cost. (Part of the problem with our hay situation at the moment.)

So gang, what do we do? Can we rally and give this old girl a permanent retirement home where she can relax, let down, and put up her hooves?

I know nothing about her. I don't know if she's an easy keeper or a hard keeper, if she's low on the totem pole or if she's boss mare. After watching Lace come down and relax over the past six months, I've really come to enjoy her company. I think it's a mare thing. I'd REALLY like to offer this old gal a home to call her own during her golden years.

Can you help her?

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